Victor Cordova
Victor Cordova
I'm a Software engineer obsessed with solving people's problems through easy to change and easy to test software. I'm in love with the web platform so I specialize in web technologies such as JavaScript, React, CSS, HTML, and Node.js. I've designed and implemented web applications in small and large organizations for clients on 4 continents. I'm currently working on making the ultimate flight booking experience for companies at TravelPerk. I also blog about software engineering and web development on my personal website, and
TestJS Summit - January, 2021TestJS Summit - January, 2021
8 min
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up your Test Warnings
Even though we write tests for our web applications, the reality is that bugs still happen. Fortunately, many of these are easily preventable paying more attention to the warnings from our apps. However, it's often so easy to put them under the rug and never come back until we find a bug in production, which leads to hundreds if now thousands of warnings appearing in our test output. This talk is about how to prevent this situation and how to get out of it.