Vânia Santos
Vânia Santos
Backend Software Engineer for +10 years in industries such as telco, online betting, and financing, embraced the passion for leading and caring for people 3 years ago, being now at OLX Group as Engineering Manager.
TechLead Conference 2023TechLead Conference 2023
17 min
Why Scaling Bottom-up? How Teams’ Interactions Should Impact the Organizational Structure
We all have been through companies’ reorgs, probably more than once. If some are understandable and produce good outcomes, others aren’t — creating insecurities, lack of confidence in leadership, unnecessary changes, and even more complex paths of communication or decision-making. What is the difference, then? Is there a well-proven way of scaling or changing the current landscape of companies’ organizations? Yes, there is. In this session I’ll go through, supported by an actual study case in the industry, Conway’s Law and the importance of teams’ landscape and interactions, and how well-designed teams charts can improve independence, autonomy, motivation of the teams, leading to a faster and better rate and quality of delivery.