Tom Northall-Little
Tom Northall-Little
Tom is a Senior Software Engineer at Canva, based in Sydney. He has worked on Canva’s Apps SDK for the last few years, working across the stack to deliver the APIs that Canva’s growing developer ecosystem loves.
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
8 min
Canva’s App UI Kit: Empowering Developers With Modern Web Technologies
At Canva, we help 150 million + monthly users create and design. How do we enable developers to do the same? Intro Canva's Apps SDK, which is built to empower developers to efficiently create UIs for their Canva Apps using React. Canva recently streamlined the app creation process by compiling some of the most frequently used and requested UI components by our developers in our @Canva /app-ui-kit package. I'll be sharing how we iterated upon our Apps SDK to empower developers globally to build their brand into Canva.