Sunil Pai
Sunil Pai
Sunil works on the Workers Developer Productivity team at Cloudflare. Previously, he's worked on the React team in Facebook, built out the Javascript stack at Myntra, and a whole list of other product and infrastructure teams in his career. He can be found on twitter as @threepointone, or annoying his neighbors in London playing his Les Paul a little too loud.
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
30 min
Back to the Future
Everything old is new again. But this time we have the lessons of the past to guide us into the wild unknown. Sunil wants to revisit a few older ideas, and mix them up with the new capabilities of the edge and the web platform, and see if we can 10x the applications we build today.
React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
36 min
Living on the Edge
React 18 introduces new APIs for rendering applications asynchronously on the server, enabling a simpler model for architecting and shipping user interfaces. When deployed on edge networking platforms like Cloudflare Workers, we can get dramatic performance and user experience improvements in our applications. In this talk, Sunil will demo and walk through this new model of writing React applications, with some insight into the implications for data fetching, styling, and overall direction of the React ecosystem.