Stewart Smith
Stewart Smith
The creator of Q.js (a drag-and-drop quantum circuit composer) and Handy.js (a hand pose capture and recognition toolkit for WebXR). Stewart invents fun future things in collaboration with his amazing colleagues at Unity Technologies where he serves as Head of Consumer Augmented Reality. Prior to Unity, Stewart has worked with renowned hybrid studios like Google’s Data Arts Team, Google Creative Lab, Amazon’s Emerging Technologies and Intelligence Platforms team, and Unity Labs. Together with his talented teammates, he’s won industry awards like the Cannes Gold Lion, created a virtual reality music video for LCD Soundsystem, and collaborated with Ernő Rubik to create the “Beyond Rubik’s Cube” traveling exhibition. What really makes Stewart happy is partnering with smart friends to take on the impossible – or the ridiculous. Stewart received his Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Yale University. His artwork has been exhibited at various museums around the world, he’s taught graduate courses that mix code with graphic design, served on various industry panels, and is always excited about the future.
JSNation 2022JSNation 2022
26 min
Quantum Computing in JavaScript with Q.js
Anyone can learn quantum computing! Join Stewart Smith as he describes his open-source passion project, Q.js. What exactly is a quantum computer? What's it good for? And how does Quantum JavaScript fit in? While this talk is for anyone curious about quantum computing, it will resonate particularly with coders, high school algebra survivors, and music nerds.