Steve King
Steve King
Engineering Manager in UI Engineering at JP Morgan, Steve works with the core engineering teams creating open source developer tooling and an accessible React component library aimed at streamlining the life of development teams across the bank. Steve has working in JavaScript development focused roles since 2001 from ad agencies to fintech and IE6 through to evergreen Chrome, he is the author of several widely used open source libraries and describes his career as having been lucky enough to follow his hobby and his passion every day for over two decades.
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
28 min
Using ES Modules Based Micro-Frontends to Enable Distributed Development
A look at the open source tooling created by the UI Engineering group at JP Morgan to streamline the developer workflow of building and deploying apps in isolation while still delivering a single unifying micro-frontend based portal to the end user, leveraging the use of native support for ES module imports in the browser.