Stefan Baumgartner
Stefan Baumgartner
Stefan Baumgartner is a software architect based in Austria and the owner of He is the author of “TypeScript in 50 Lessons”, published by Smashing Magazine, and "The TypeScript Cookbook", published by O'Reilly. He organizes ScriptConf, DevOne, and Rust Linz, and co-hosts the German-language Working Draft podcast. Stefan enjoys Italian food, Belgian beer, and British vinyl records.
TypeScript Congress 2023TypeScript Congress 2023
28 min
The Lies We Tell Ourselves Using TypeScript
How safe is TypeScript's type safety? How much can you trust your statically typed code? Can you even consider TypeScript's type system "strong"? In this talk, we look at situations where TypeScript fails badly and learn why things have to be that way. We talk about trade-offs, workarounds, and ultimately solutions for all the damn, terrible lies we tell ourselves when using TypeScript.