Simon Zhong
Simon Zhong
Simon Zhong is a Sales Engineer at Sentry with almost 10 years of experience in enterprise software. He attended the University of Edinburgh and is a graduate of University of California, Davis in Computer Science. He is an American born Chinese (ABC) who is a native English speaker with conversational proficiency in Cantonese.
DevOps.js Conf 2022DevOps.js Conf 2022
59 min
Tracking errors and slowdowns across JS applications using Sentry
We'll go through setting up Sentry step--step to get visibility into our frontend and backend. Once integrated, we will track and triage errors + transactions surfaced Sentry from our services to understand why/where/how errors and slowdowns occurred within our application code.
React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
8 min
Track Slowdowns and Crashes in your React apps
In this lightning talk, you will see:The lack of visibility on React applicationsHow to install the Sentry React SDKHow Sentry can help you identify errors and slowdowns within your React App so you can see faster, solve quicker and continuously learn from your applications