Simon Waterer
Simon Waterer
Simon Waterer is a Customer Engineer at Sourcegraph. He has worked across a range of technologies including object and NoSQL databases, high performance computing and distributed platforms including Kubernetes and Mesos. Outside of technology, he likes most sports but especially cricket, rugby and F1. And loves spending time outdoors with his dog.
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
19 min
Understand Your Codebase to Innovate Faster
The transition from a monolithic architecture to a service based approach began a number of years ago. The advantage of a service based approach is to increase agility and shorten the build and release development cycle. And more recently the rise of micro frontends means that this approach not only encompasses backend application but also frontend development. However one side effect is increased complexity of the codebase. Resulting in challenges in terms of visibility into how components relate, who owns a component and the impact of activities on dependent components. This session will touch on these challenges and what is needed to maintain individual developer velocity.