Shem Magnezi
Shem Magnezi
Shem has more than a decade of experience in software engineering in various domains: client and server-side, real-time systems, big data, mobile, and web. Shem is passionate about building a culture of growth mindset and obsessed with making teams work better together. After several years as a senior IC in WeWork and Meta, Shem is now the CTO and Co-Founder of Wilco, a platform that empowers every developer, regardless of their background or skill level, to unlock their full potential.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
20 min
Multiple apps, one code to rule them all
More and more, React is being used for complex apps that accommodate numerous types of users, workflows, and mechanics. Sometimes it’s different people who each use part of the app, but a single-user multi-workflow scenario isn’t uncommon as well.In this session, we’ll learn about our options when building multiple experiences within a single React app — without losing our sanity. I’ll use some examples from what we do at Wilco.