Saravanan K Nagarajan
Saravanan K Nagarajan
Saravanan is an Architect working at Rabobank, Netherlands and one of the leads of the Growing Greener (Sustainability) community in the bank. He has more than 22 years of experience in diverse IT and business roles with different banks across the world. His passion is in Architecture, IT sustainability and Green Software and how we can generate more interest among the IT community in sustainable software. He has been nominated as a "Green Software Champion" by the Green Software Foundation.
React Summit 2024React Summit 2024
Jun 17, 22:00
The ABCs of Green Software & Sustainable IT
There has been a tremendous amount of focus on technology growth and not too much on Sustainable IT. With great computing power comes greater carbon footprint and the culture of thinking about Sustainable IT needs to be cultivated. My talk is to instill in the minds of the tech-savvy audience that Sustainable IT and Green Software are critical factors that need to be considered while developing their cutting-edge technologies.