Saravana Srinivasan
Saravana Srinivasan
Saravana Srinivasan is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat and contributing to Serverless Workflow toolings and Kie community. He is an Open source enthusiast and a trainer. He works on various Javascript tech stacks and also enjoys exploring new technologies.
React Day Berlin 2023React Day Berlin 2023
28 min
Building a Better Micro-Frontend Framework That Enables Platform Freedom
A modern tooling experience usually involves a user journey on multiple mediums, including Web, VS Code, GitHub, etc. Writing custom code and components for each platform is not the most efficient approach, leading to code duplication and, most importantly, the risk of a lack of a cohesive experience.
Multiplying Architecture is a set of patterns, techniques, and libraries that, using micro frontends and some innovative backend services, allow for the re-use of the tooling component in different distribution mediums
Come to this talk to learn how we are able to enable multiple tooling teams across Red Hat to deliver the best native experience of UI components (s and Views) on VS Code, Web, and Desktop, and directly integrate them on GitHub(Chrome Extension) with minimal changes on their code base.
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
31 min
Platform Freedom with Micro-frontends
Can React and TypeScript applications run on different platforms (app shells) with minimal source code changes ? Yes !!! with the Micro-frontend strategy in Multiplying architecture. I’ll be presenting a new dimension of Micro-frontend, that paved a way to decouple the components of a larger monolithic React application using a new framework called Multiplying architecture. The framework is highly flexible and scalable for code development, also aiding the business and community.