Santosh Nikhil Kumar
Santosh Nikhil Kumar
I currently work at ByteDance as an Engineering Lead for E-Commerce payments system software driving the business of TikTokShop product in the US. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Masters degree and Vellore Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's degree. I’m a seasoned Silicon Valley professional in the Payments domain with proven engineering expertise for 10+ years. I pioneered the Software Engineering marvel resulting in the increase of user count of products by about 800 times in less than 6 months, generating kick-start revenue of $120k per week during 0 to 1 product growth, tripling the revenue from $5 billion to $14 billion in less than 5 years by getting over the plateau growth, for some of the prominent products in the world like iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, AWS Amplify, Amazon Alexa mobile app, TikTok shop and Oracle backend server supercluster. The by-products of these business results are multifold improvement in Engineering productivity and grooming myriad software professionals for world class companies like Apple, Amazon, Oracle, SanDisk.
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Optimizing Microservice Architecture for High Performance and Resilience
- Delve into the intricacies of optimizing microservice architecture for achieving high performance and resilience.- Explore the challenges related to performance bottlenecks and resilience in microservices-based systems.- Deep dive into the strategies for enhancing performance, such as efficient communication protocols, asynchronous messaging, and load balancing, while also discussing techniques for building resilience, including circuit breakers, fault tolerance, and chaos engineering.- Explore relevant tooling and technologies, such as service mesh and container orchestration, and offer insightful case studies and lessons learned from real-world implementations.- Emphasize the importance of continuous improvement and adaptation in microservices environments, alongside reflections on the future trajectory of microservices architecture.