Sam Thorogood
Sam Thorogood
Sam is a former Googler, and now CTO of an energy startup here in Australia. He has an ongoing interest in web standards, lightweight websites and starting too many side projects.
JSNation 2022JSNation 2022
17 min
Ensuring your Users are on the Right Path: the Future of Modals and Focus Management
With *dialog* and the inert attribute landing in all major browsers in 2022, we as web developers now have simple yet powerful primitives to help build complex app-like flows on the web, rather than the over-engineered or leaky solutions we've relied on for years. Let's demystify these primitives and talk through how they make your code simpler: from plain HTML, Web Components, to React/similar.
JSNation Live 2021JSNation Live 2021
28 min
Web Components, Lit and Santa πŸŽ…
Get started with Web Components – enabling you to define new HTML elements that work everywhere regular HTML does. This talk will focus on Lit, a suite from Google that helps you create WCs with features you'd expect like data-binding and declarative definitions. It'll also cover how we've used them to build one of the web's jolliest sites, Google's Santa Tracker πŸŽ…