Robert Plummer
Robert Plummer
Robert is a full stack engineer with 15 years of developer experience, helping lead a node based machine learning team at iFit. From an early age, he strove to understand how things worked by taking them apart, and putting them back together. He became interested in machine learning in 2015, saw a larger need in the node community, and eventually became a maintainer of Brain.js and GPU.js. His desire to convey the simplicity of neural networks was manifest in his machine learning course on scrimba: Neural networks in JavaScript.
ML conf EU 2020ML conf EU 2020
31 min
The Evolution Revolution
Elegant and graceful mathematics make a cool textbook cover, but the inside of those same books are usually dry cold engineering. It's important to mix the theory of innovation with the excitement of practicality, and through the composition of these elements we find innovation. In this talk, I'll show you from an engineering perspective how to explore, balance, and ultimately bottle machined success.