Richard Davison
Richard Davison
Richard is a Sr. Partner Solutions Architect at AWS focusing on Application modernization using Serverless and Containers. During his 3-year tenure at AWS he has played a pivotal role assisting partners & customers in various industries with their cloud adoption and modernization strategies. Richard collaborates with the development teams and engineering leaders to optimize software delivery in the cloud, emphasizing best practices and AWS's capabilities.
Node Congress 2024Node Congress 2024
Apr 3, 22:00
The Need for Speed: How AWS New JS Runtime is Redefining Serverless Latency
In today’s world of modern applications, swift responsiveness is essential. Users expect seamless interactions where every action triggers an immediate response.Serverless services such as AWS Lambda, allows developers to build modern applications without the need to manage traditional servers or infrastructure. However, Serverless services might introduce additional latency when new execution environments are provisioned and due to (by design) having less resources than traditional servers or containerized environments.To mitigate this problem, AWS have developed an experimental JavaScript runtime, called LLRT, built from the ground up for a Serverless environment. LLRT (Low Latency Runtime) is a lightweight JavaScript runtime designed to address the growing demand for fast and efficient Serverless applications. LLRT offers more than 10x faster startup and up to 2x overall lower cost compared to other JavaScript runtimes running on AWS Lambda.In this session you will discover how it's different from what's already out there, see its performance in action and learn how to apply it to your Serverless functions.