Renaldi Gondosubroto
Renaldi Gondosubroto
Renaldi Gondosubroto is a Software Developer from Seek Limited, where he works on the backend of the home page which is accessed by all jobseekers who search for jobs on the site as well as the infrastructure which powers it. Previously he has worked as a .NET software developer for automobile companies and has been active within the research community; putting a lot of his research focus within IoT and virtual reality. Through his passion of developing software and contributing to the opensource community, Renaldi wants to encourage the innovation of new solutions to usher forward and promote a new era of innovations that can be used by everyone. Having spoken at 20+ events and conferences, he has also been active on the open source community for the past five years, building solutions on the cloud and sharing his experiences and projects.
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
20 min
Revolutionizing JS Testing with AI: Unmasking the Future of Quality Assurance
"Revolutionizing JS Testing with AI: Unmasking the Future of Quality Assurance" is a forward-thinking talk that delves into the transformative power of AI in JavaScript testing. The presentation offers an enlightening exploration of AI Testing principles, practical applications, and future potential. By featuring AI-driven tools like Testim, ReTest, Datadog, and Applitools, this talk brings theory to life, demonstrating how AI can automate test case generation, optimize anomaly detection, and streamline visual regression testing. Attendees will also gain insights into the anticipated advancements in AI Testing for JavaScript. The talk concludes with a lively Q&A, inviting everyone to delve deeper into the world of AI and JavaScript testing. Be prepared to reimagine your QA process with AI!