Petros Plakogiannis
Petros Plakogiannis
Petros Plakogiannis has graduated the University of Piraeus and the Technological Educational Institute of Crete. He has been working professionally as a software tester for 15 years, with strong focus on automated testing. Petros is also the main organizer of the Ministry of Testing Athens meetups.
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
19 min
From Good to Great: Elevate Testing with Cypress Contract Tests
Discover the power of Cypress Contract Tests, a cutting-edge approach that takes your testing to new heights. In this presentation, we'll explore the concept of contract testing and how it ensures seamless communication between microservices. Then, we'll delve into the game-changing capabilities of Cypress, showcasing its unmatched potential to elevate your testing practices from good to great. Join us for insights, best practices, and real-world examples on how to integrate Cypress Contract Tests into your existing workflows, and revolutionize your testing strategy.