Omry Nachman
Omry Nachman
Omry Nachman, an accomplished technology leader, currently CTO at Codux, a Wix company. With over 20 years of experience in frontend and backend development, Omry has held CTO positions in multiple startups and founded the Wix Academy. His passion for React, TypeScript, and the web drives his innovative approach to web development.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
25 min
Off with Their Heads: Rise of the Headless Components
Aren't You Tired of Repeating Yourself? Tired of repeating the same code over and over again in your React projects? In this talk, we'll discover the power of headless components, a design pattern that separates the logic from the presentation layer, allowing you to create reusable and flexible UI components.
We'll explore how headless components can simplify your development process, saving you both time and effort. We'll examine popular headless component libraries and provide tips for integrating them into your projects. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, join us to discover how headless components can help you streamline your React development and create high-quality, customizable UIs.