Omer Kenet
Omer Kenet
Omer Kenet is a seasoned product leader and expert in the realm of front-end tooling and visual coding. For the past four years, he has been serving as the Head of Product for Codux, a visual editor for React projects. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he also co-founded RapidUI, an advanced visual editing environment that automates front-end coding from designs. Passionate about designer-developer collaboration, visual-approach tooling, and all things product, Omer is dedicated to driving technological advancements in the creative and development communities.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
31 min
From Idea to Production: React Development with a Visual Twist
Join us for a 3-hour workshop that dives into the world of creative React development using Codux. Participants will explore how a visually-driven approach can unlock creativity, streamline workflows, and enhance their development velocity. Dive into the features that make Codux a game-changer for React developers. The session will include hands-on exercises that demonstrate the power of real-time rendering, visual code manipulation, and component isolation all in your source code.
Table of the contents: - Download & Setup: Getting Codux Ready for the Workshop- Project Picker: Cloning and Installing a Demo Project- Introduction to Codux Core Concepts and Its UI- Exercise 1: Finding our Feet- Break- Exercise 2: Making Changes While Staying Effective- Exercise 3: Reusability and Edge Case Validation- Summary, Wrap-Up, and Q&A