Oliver Barnwell
Oliver Barnwell
I first developed an interest in programming in my early teens, making text-based adventure games in QBasic. After completing my degree in 2020, I stumbled out of the pandemic directly into the newly transformed fully remote world of work. In August ‘21 I accepted an offer to join the Guardian where I have been working on their identity platform migration. Outside of work I contribute to the Great British Public Toilet Map, an open source project dedicated to helping people find toilets across the UK. You can find me tweeting about life and work [@olliethinks](https://twitter.com/olliethinks).
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
24 min
Making a Splash: The Story of a Toilet Map Migration
The Great British Public Toilet Map is an open source, community driven project dedicated to helping people find toilets across the UK, with around 14,000 loos recorded and counting. In 2021 we took on the challenge of migrating the project from a SPA React app written in JavaScript to NextJS and Typescript. Together we'll discover why we decided it was time to migrate, the myriad technical challenges we faced along the way, how this work benefits our users, and the many exciting plans we have for the future.