Nitya Narasimhan
Nitya Narasimhan
Nitya Narasimhan is a PhD and Polyglot with 20+ years of software research & development experience. She is a visual storyteller and developer advocate at Microsoft, where she builds code and content to empower JavaScript developers do more with Cloud + AI.
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
13 min
Want to Build an Enterprise-Grade App? Tear One Down!
Building enterprise-grade applications is challenging. So how can you learn to build one? Start by tearing one down!! Say hello to Contoso Real Estate - an open-source reference implementation featuring a composable architecture with micro-frontends and a cloud-native backend - that provides the perfect sandbox for hands-on exploration and learning.

In this talk, we'll take the implementation for a spin using GitHub Codespaces as our local development environment to explore the code, build & preview the application and deploy it to the cloud with one command. We'll dive under the hood to understand the project structure (monorepo), developer experience (tooling) and application insights (monitoring). Want to join me on the teardown adventure? Just bring your browser and a GitHub account!