Nir Parisian
Nir Parisian
Hi, I'm Nir 👋 Married to Efrat and father to Bar Or and Hadas. I live in Israel and built (awesome Pokemon) websites since I was a kid 😎 My professional journey started at Intel and went through blockchain startup. Today I run a consulting Frontend solutions company that focuses on Web 3.0. I'm totally in love 😍 with React, its ecosystem and community and happy to explore new solutions and share my knowledge with everyone 🙂
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
21 min
Stop Abusing Client State Management
A lot of React applications out there run for state management solutions such as Redux or Mobx and use it mostly for server side state like 'isLoading', 'isError', etc. We need to stop mixing between server state and client state. Don't get me wrong, client state is important, but 70% of the state is actually a server state. In this talk I will demonstrate how we can encapsulate server state using our own custom hook or using a (perfect) solution such as react-query.