Nick Teets
Nick Teets
Nick Teets is a software developer and musician based in Denver. Nick found his passion for connecting people using technology after spending summers in the Sandhills of Nebraska establishing a multimedia journalism nonprofit. Through an interactive website, the project told the stories of the communities of the area with audio, video, photos, and text. This early foray in journalism taught him about the intersection of empathy, technology, and storytelling, and would lead him to a career in frontend software development, creating beautiful and accessible user experiences to connect people across the world.
Vue.js London Live 2021Vue.js London Live 2021
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How Developers Can Use Automated App Security Testing To Protect Vue Apps
Frontend frameworks like Vue are vulnerable to unsanitized inputs to execute malicious code. The patterns that allow for this are generally understood, but there are still some cases when your apps might still be at risk. Learn how you can implement automated application security to keep your apps safe.