Nick Marino
Nick Marino
Nick Marino is a backend developer at ReadySet, where he helps build the Rust code that powers ReadySet’s caching systems. In his past career, he’s had extensive experience writing Erlang code, and has worked on database systems at Basho and Datometry, as well as a variety of telecom systems at other companies. He lives in Rochester, NY with his spouse Tasha and his dog Astrid, and he enjoys spending his spare time reading, playing cello, and practicing aerial arts at the local circus school.
Node Congress 2023Node Congress 2023
33 min
Scaling up Your Database With ReadySet
The database can be one of the hardest parts of a web app to scale. Many projects end up using ad-hoc caching systems that are complex, error-prone, and expensive to build. What if you could drop in a ready-built caching system to enable better throughput and latency with no code changes to your application?
Join developers Aspen Smith and Nick Marino to see how you can change one line of config in your app and use ReadySet to scale up your query performance by orders of magnitude today.