Niall Crosby
Niall Crosby
Niall Crosby is CEO and founder of AG Grid. Niall originally programmed AG Grid as a side project, creating an open-source JavaScript data grid in his spare time. Niall has developed AG Grid into a full-time business and market-leading enterprise data grid for Angular, React, Vue and JavaScript. Niall remains a hands-on programmer developing new features, and the AG Grid community edition remains open-source.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
6 min
AG Grid's New React Rendering Engine
AG Grid is the industry standard JavaScript datagrid for building data centric Business Applications. Recently the AG Grid team redesigned the grid to implement the React Rendering Engine in 100% React code. Given the complexity of a datagrid, this was a very challenging task. Hear from Niall, the founder of AG Grid, about the journey of this migration including how this was achieved, lessons learned along the way, and how it will impact your React applications using AG Grid.