Nathalia Rus
Nathalia Rus
Co-Founder of Custodian, VC-backed insurtech startup based in London. Nathalia also created Metos -, a platform for writers. French multi-awards technologist, you can find her on instagram at @yeahgirlscode where she documents her journey in tech. Outside of coding, Nathalia trains in Muay Thai and enjoys playing different musical instruments.
TypeScript Congress 2023TypeScript Congress 2023
27 min
From Theory to Practice: harnessing Typescript for successful Atomic Design implementation
Everyone mentions the importance of code "scalability" and "maintainability" and how Typescript helps with it. But when I got started in tech, I remember struggling to find a practical "real-world" example with best practices.

My talk aims to provide such a practical, step-by-step example, sharing some of my learnings and shortcomings: crucially, how we leveraged typescript and atomic design - without over-engineering too early.ty