Morten Barklund
Morten Barklund
Morten is a web developer of 20+ years, and a React expert in the last 6. Morten co-authored React Quickly, 2nd Ed, published early 2023 at Manning Publications. Working as a freelance consultant, Morten has been helping agencies and companies of all sizes improve their React codebases. Also, he actually enjoys refactoring! Life-wise, Morten is an ultrarunner, board game enthusiast, and corgi fanatic.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
19 min
7 TypeScript Patterns You Should Be Using
In this talk, we will be going over a number of common useful and best-practice-proven TypeScript patterns to use in React 18. This includes how to correctly type component properties, children and return types, using React's built-in types, typing contexts, and the usual enum rant (but constructively).