Mike North
Mike North
Mike is a passionate software engineer with an intense focus on community. His expertise has been spent organizing multiple meetup groups (React Utah, UtahJS, Free Code Camp), Improving training and content for local bootcamps and universities, running open source projects, and becoming a tech conference organizer and speaker. His goal is to help break barriers for those entering the tech industry.
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
22 min
Breaking the 'useEffect' Habit
Do you or a loved one suffer from the all to common practice of 'useEffect'? Have you re-rendered more times than you can count? Are you ready to revolutionize your React code?
Explore how to optimize performance, streamline your code, and reduce errors by challenging the conventional use of 'useEffect'.
Inspired by the React Docs themselves, this talk will guide you through common 'useEffect' scenarios, demonstrating powerful alternatives to enhance your codebase. Embrace simplicity and elevate your React development skills with us!
"You might not need an effect... Removing unnecessary Effects will make your code easier to follow, faster to run, and less error-prone."
Believe it or not, that intro is taken straight from the React Docs!