Medhat Dawoud
Medhat Dawoud
Medhat is a Senior Software Engineer at Miro and a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies with extended experience in several web technologies, through his writings on his blog, online video courses, and talks he likes to share learnings, tips to write cleaner/reusable code, and useful DevTools, also he likes to speak about web performance and how to ship a fast and accessible web application to everyone
React Day Berlin 2023React Day Berlin 2023
13 min
Daily Brush for Website Speed: Embrace the Performance Budget Ritual
In this talk I will use the dental metaphor in order to introduce the performance budgets just like brushing teeth everyday to keep them clean and healthy you should do the same for your website by setting a performance budget and check it in every pull request in your pipelines, the target audience is mid-level to advanced, I will start by the example of the tooth decay and cleaning them then brushing them everyday as the dentist advice, then explain decay as the performance issue and performance budgeting is like the toothpaste and go from here with the different techniques that developers can do in order to prevent any loss in the performance wins they made.
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
8 min
Beyond First Load Speed with INP
In this talk, we will go on a journey in the future of the core web vitals potential member INP, which will help in improving the interactions in all interactions in the session's lifetime, not only the first input delay as in the FID, showing some case studies and a way to optimize your website for INP, you will go away with a bunch of recommendations to do immediately