Mateusz Burzyński
Mateusz Burzyński
My name is Mateusz Burzyński and I'm a JavaScript developer focused on React ecosystem. I'm also a big OSS enthusiast. I believe that node_modules is not a black box and I dive into it frequently - that has led me to maintain a few popular repositories like XState, Emotion, Changesets, Redux-Saga. Recently, I also started to contribute to TypeScript itself.
TypeScript Congress 2023TypeScript Congress 2023
26 min
Infer multiple things at once with reverse mapped types
Learn about inferring with reverse mapped types to create great inferences for arguments that aggregate different items of the same shape. The technique can help you to introduce type-level relationships within objects and tuples. The talk will start with the introduction to the technique and will go through a couple of real-world-like examples of how this can be used to improve library types.