Marcos Maia
Marcos Maia
Marcos Maia is a passionate software developer working as Staff Engineer at Bitvavo in the Netherlands and has been in the IT industry for over 20 years. Fiery about technology, distributed systems, engineering culture and a lifelong learner, worked with multiple complex distributed systems and teams. Had the opportunity to work in multiple different countries and played many different roles, from engineering to architecture and consultancy mostly within the financial sector. Loves to share his experiences about engineering culture, distributed computing and of course NodeJS and Apache Kafka.
JSNation 2022JSNation 2022
8 min
Getting Real with NodeJS and Kafka: An Event Stream Tale
In this lightning talk we will review some basic principles of event based systems using NodeJS and Kafka and get insights of real mission critical use cases where the default configurations are not enough. We will cover quick tips and tricks and good practices of Kafka with NodeJS using KafkaJS library and see some real code at a lightning speed.