Maggie Appleton
Maggie Appleton
Maggie is a designer-developer-anthropologist-hybrid at She spends her time designing visual metaphors for invisible programming concepts, helping developers explain their wildly abstract thoughts, and overanalysing the JavaScript community’s strange cultural beliefs. She's also a digital gardening enthusiast and a Marmite lover.
React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
31 min
Visualising React: Metaphors, Models, and Spatial Mediums
All the React you've seen is presented one way: as a linear text file. There's good reason for this. Textual syntax is an ideal medium for constructing abstract logic. It's quick to write, informationally dense, and endlessly flexible. However, brevity has its downsides. What information can't we see in static text? How can visual representations and metaphorical comparisons expand our understanding of how React works? Come find out what happens when we explore alternate ways of seeing React.