Lukas Fischer
Lukas Fischer
Lukas Fischer is the founder of NETNODE AG, a leading Swiss Drupal agency. With over 20 years of experience in the digital industry, Lukas is at heart a programmer, a digital strategist by design, and has focused his career on pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. As a curious explorer and forward-thinking thinker, he has played a significant role in helping organizations stay one step ahead in the constantly evolving digital landscape.
React Summit 2024React Summit 2024
"React now looks like PHP" they said!
This session aims to show JavaScript developers how PHP concepts, especially those honed in Drupal development, can enrich their approach to React applications. It will cover how PHP's server-side strengths and Drupal's modular architecture can inform and enhance client-side development in React. The talk will include practical examples of integrating Drupal with React, emphasizing how PHP's backend prowess can be leveraged in a JavaScript-dominated environment. The session promises to be an eye-opener for React developers, offering them new perspectives and tools drawn from the PHP world, ultimately leading to more robust, efficient, and innovative web applications.