Luca Maraschi
Luca Maraschi
Luca is the Co-Founder and CEO of, on the mission to evolve and make frictionless backend development. Luca’s passion for the tech industry started at the young age of just 6 years old when he began coding. Since then Luca founded and successfully exited 3 companies. While managing large teams, he has designed and delivered large-scale real-time systems for some of the industry leaders in gaming, banking and mobile technologies. Before his last role as CTO at mobileLIVE, he was VP of Engineering at, after leading the technology strategy and vision at Telus Digital as Chief Architect. Luca’s core focus is on creating business value through building out, architecting and overseeing Cloud Technology, Big Data , AI, APIs, Micro-Front-ends and large distributed systems.
DevOps.js Conf 2024DevOps.js Conf 2024
19 min
Building and Operating a Modern Composable Monolith
It all started with the monolith’s fission into microservices. This set logical and physical boundaries, fusing the infrastructure and software dimensions. While microservices simplified how teams develop independently, it added extra complexities around performance, correctness, general management, and ultimately a slower development cycle. In this talk, we will dive deep into how to architect and implement a Fastify-based composable monolith, cross-service network-less communication, and how to handle efficient development across teams while deploying a single artifact in Kubernetes. Does it sound like magic?Let's discover the trick together!
JSNation 2023JSNation 2023
28 min
APIs are Evolving. Again.
As developers we stand on the shoulders of giants, and it can be helpful to take a look at the past to gain a better perspective. In this talk we’ll briefly explore the past decade of backend development and architectural patterns.
We’ve often ditched technologies in an attempt to make the developer experience frictionless. However we sometimes forget what we can learn from “the good old days”.
What are you building: a monolith, a microservices system or something in between? A shift in how we see things can help us keep moving forwards.