Krutie Patel
Krutie Patel
I'm a front-end developer. I create interactive web stuff using Vue js and Nuxt js. Some other frameworks and libraries I also enjoy working with include GSAP, Laravel ⚡️ and Jamstack (JavaScript, APIs + Markup). I love writing ✏️ articles about what I learn and share with Vue/Nuxt community. You can find my blog-posts on my website, which is also created using 👑 Nuxt js. Apart from this, I also love creating colour-coded diagrams. I create them to capture and document my learning. Diagraming have been an effective tool in my learning journey of Laravel, Vue js and of course, my absolute favourite, Nuxt js.
React Finland 2021React Finland 2021
24 min
Brief introduction to Nuxt
In this brief introduction of Nuxt, we will learn Nuxt basics and how to build Git-files based content management system using Nuxt.js and its module system.