Khrystyna Landvytovych
Khrystyna Landvytovych
I'm a Frontend engineer in SoftServe and born cook in my former life. I love to learn something new and immediately put it into practice and share my experience with others. I'm a mentor at Kottans, give public speeches, participate as program committee in fwdays, translate programming books and maintain an insta magazine @twoLip about my travels and hobbies.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
7 min
Don't Forget React Memo
React developers intrigue us with the so-called React Forget compiler [that’s supposed to inject useMemo and useCallback into code automatically]. However, we still can't figure out best practices for useCallback, useMemo, and React.memo when we write it on our own. The worst scenario is if we continue to put it everywhere without understanding. As a result, it can bring noticeable harm to the performance of our application. In this talk, on real-life use cases, you will see solutions to the problem of using hooks wrong or overusing them!