Kevin Whinnery
Kevin Whinnery
Kevin Whinnery is the Head of Developer Relations for Deno, the new TypeScript and JavaScript runtime from the creator of Node.js. Kevin is a long-time web developer, teacher, and author to a number of successful open source projects like the twilio-node module, TerminalQuest, and several others best left in the dustbin of history (unless you need a SOAP API client). Kevin lives just outside Minneapolis, MN, where he will gladly point you to your favorite local cuisine upon request.
Node Congress 2024Node Congress 2024
Apr 3, 22:00
The State of Node Compatibility in Deno
Deno is a next-generation TypeScript and JavaScript runtime from the original creator of Node.js. Deno is fast, secure by default, and provides a great developer experience, with TypeScript, JSX, testing, linting, and more all included out of the box. And best of all - you can bring many of your favorite to Node modules with you to Deno. In this talk, we'll cover the current state of backward compatibility with Node.js projects and modules in Deno. We'll demonstrate what works with zero configuration, and the available mechanisms in Deno that will let you bring the best of the Node ecosystem along for the ride.
TypeScript Congress 2023TypeScript Congress 2023
31 min
Using TypeScript with Key/Value Databases
Key/value (KV) databases are becoming ever more popular in web applications. Their super-fast response times and ability to support eventual consistency reads make them especially well suited for apps running on globally distributed edge servers. But with how fast this tech is moving, you might not be fully up to speed on how to use this type of database with TypeScript. In this session, we'll explore good use cases for KV databases, examine several production deployment options, and demonstrate how to effectively hydrate TypeScript objects from values in a KV database.