Keren Kenzi
Keren Kenzi
Keren is a senior software engineer with over a decade of experience in the industry. She holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science and is passionate about React and learning new technologies. Keren volunteers as a program manager at Baot, a community that supports women in R&D in their professional growth. She instructs and inspires developers to write blogs in her tech blogging workshops. Keren has experience as a dev community leader and a co-organizer of meetups and events. And in her not-so-spare time, she studies psychology. Her hobbies include drawing, photography, and singing.
React Advanced Conference 2023React Advanced Conference 2023
10 min
Is It the One? (How to Select an Open-Source Library?)
As software developers, we often use open-source libraries. In this talk, I will share a few tips on selecting an open-source library and what to pay attention to when working with open-source libraries.