Kamlesh Chandnani
Kamlesh Chandnani
Kamlesh is a Principal Frontend Engineer at Razorpay working on Design System and Frontend Infrastructure. Recently he has developed a fascination for interior designing and has a zest for home decor.
React Day Berlin 2022React Day Berlin 2022
23 min
The Sorcery of Building a Cross Platform Design System Architecture
When we want to build a “cross-platform mobile app” the answer always is React Native but what if you want to build a “cross-platform app” that runs across mobile and browser? Here’s where React Native falls short. react-native-web is trying to bridge this gap to some extent but the primary requirement is to write your code in React Native which gets converted to the web, but that itself has a bunch of downsides and the biggest one being - forcing mobile app developers to understand how browsers work. In this talk, I’ll share how we are building a true cross-platform architecture without using react-native-web for our design system at Razorpay.