Kaleb McKelvey
Kaleb McKelvey
I'm a frequent traveler, too much coffee drinker, and a constant Reddit lurker. Since Diablo 1 piqued my interest in learning how to program, I've been on a mission to continuously grow through my career and personal experiences as a Software Engineer. I hope to share the things I learn with the world!
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
30 min
Journey Into the Unknown: My Adventure Unravelling the Mysteries of the Netflix TVUI Universe
At Netflix, millions of our users watch Netflix on TV Devices. How do we develop the UI for all of the different types of devices? That's exactly what I wanted to know! I'll be sharing why it's important to take on new growth opportunities, how to navigate the difficulties of learning a whole new platform at a new company, and some of the things I've learned about how we use React to bring Netflix to your TV!