Júlio de Lima
Júlio de Lima
Júlio de Lima is a specialist in Software Testing with 13 years of experience. Júlio has a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering, a specialization in Teaching in Higher Education and a Master's Degree in Electrical and Computational Engineering with a focus on Testing and Artificial Intelligence. He currently lives in Orlando, Florida. He serves as Principal QA Engineer at Capco, helping financial institutions establish robust and sustainable testing strategies. He uses his coding and architecture skills to contribute to software quality at all system layers. Júlio has contributed to the software testing community through his channels on YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, and in articles for technical and scientific magazines. He has experience as a speaker at international events and has trained more than 9,000 students through his online training in Portuguese.
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
Dec 7, 9:40
What I Learned About Software Quality From The 10 Most Popular Javascript Projects On Github
It is very common for teams to have code review processes and this usually happens through pull requests. Each comment represents a step towards improving the quality of the software, however, there is a wide variety of points of view. The seniority of the team, the team itself, the company, the time left, the mentality, internal agreements, all of this impacts the way of reviewing code.
As a tester, I need to understand what happens in the code and when reviewing it, to identify flaws in the development process and improve my testing strategy.
In this talk, I will bring the results of research I carried out analyzing the comments contained in pull requests from the 10 most popular GitHub projects created in Javascript and bring some insights related to what I discovered. Among them: are which software quality characteristics are most exercised by Devs, which are weak points in their development process, where we can improve our tests to anticipate failures, and tools that can be used to test more comprehensively, among others.