Jorrik Klijnsma
Jorrik Klijnsma
Jorrik’s first lines of code were in the days jQuery ruled. That didn’t scare him. Now he has 6+ years of frontend experience using React and Vue during his day job. In the evening and night hours, a lot of fun projects and other libraries passed his ‘git clone’. When not coding he gets his fair share of laughs going to comedy shows.
JSNation 2023JSNation 2023
30 min
Create AR Face Filters With the Chrome Face Detection API
In the fast pacing space of social media apps, some functionality could also be used for web applications. I am going to show you how you could use the feature flagged Face Detection API in Chrome. With a demo, we will explore the possibilities to implement face filters in your future projects. With the webcam access of a device, we add glasses by processing a video feed and using it for fun, finding that sweet spot where fun and learning come together.