Jon Jensen
Jon Jensen
Jon Jensen is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix working to improve the developer experience for other UI engineers. Previously he worked at Amazon and Instructure, working on all things software-y. In his spare time he's usually in the mountains or playing with his kids.
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
18 min
You's the Platform!
As web developers, it's sometimes easy to see "The Platform" as this thing we can't really change that does things for reasons we can't really understand. But that's not true! Browsers and specs are built by developers just like you and me, and the entire process is open source, which means we can do it too!

Let's take a journey through a real web platform improvement from start to finish, learning how the WHATWG and browser vendors work. By the end you'll know how to update a spec, write web platform tests, land a change in major browsers, and document your shiny new feature on MDN!