Joel Chippindale
Joel Chippindale
Joel is a CTO Coach who supports start-up and scale-up CTOs to successfully and confidently navigate the changes in their roles as their businesses evolve. He has over 20 years experience building, scaling and leading software development teams, mainly in start-ups, where he held both CTO and COO roles.
C3 Dev Festival 2024C3 Dev Festival 2024
Jun 13, 22:00
Shaping a Career that You Love
It is hard to know what you really want from your career, but answering this question is a powerful step towards gaining more agency and control in how you develop. This workshop will support you to know yourself better, to build your aspiration of who you are becoming in your career and to set a direction for where you would love to go. This will enable you to identify actions to take to be more intentional and deliberate in the development of your career.