Jiri Lojda
Jiri Lojda
Jiri is an Integrations Engineer at Kontent.ai. He loves to write type-safe, functional code using TypeScript and React as his primary tools. Always eager to learn and keep up with new technologies to enhance his skills and work, he wants to promote the advantages of this approach to project development in the community.
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
132 min
Mastering advanced concepts in TypeScript
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TypeScript is not just types and interfaces. Join this workshop to master more advanced features of TypeScript that will make your code bullet-proof. We will cover conditional types and infer notation, template strings and how to map over union types and object/array properties. Each topic will be demonstrated on a sample application that was written with basic types or no types at all and we will together improve the code so you get more familiar with each feature and can bring this new knowledge directly into your projects.
You will learn:- - What are conditional types and infer notation- What are template strings- How to map over union types and object/array properties.