Jenn Creighton
Jenn Creighton
Jenn Creighton is a senior software engineer at Netflix. She hosts Single Threaded Podcast. Organizer of Women of React 2020 conference & useReact.NYC meetup. Jenn lives in New York with her two cats and maintains a Home for Abandoned Succulents, Mismanaged Plants and Otherwise Ailing Flora. You can find her online - [@gurlcode](
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
Your Emotions are not an Anti-Pattern
This talk explores the logic over emotion fallacy and the damage it does to both a person and a codebase. You'll learn why emotions are assets and how to use emotional first aid in your day-to-day work.
React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
22 min
On the Origin of React
This talk looks at how components in React have evolved. We'll look back at previous versions of React, the headlining features, and how milestones like Fiber and Concurrent changed how we wrote React components. Some more details: I want to give attendees a glimpse of how React components looked at different major points in the history of React. Components written in 2013 don't look like components written in 2015 or today. This is a history of React that for some will be a walk down memory lane and for others, completely new information.