Jean Duthon
Jean Duthon
Jean grew up in France, where he studied computer science and got his master’s degree from the Université de Technology de Compiègne, where he grew fond of web technologies. He moved to Berlin in 2016 and started working with vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, and Angular1 until he discovered React and thought, “Wow, this is how web apps should be built.” Those days he worked mainly with React at Babbel (the best learning language app! 😜)and loves creating enticing user experiences on the web, he has a soft spot for animations and delightful interactivity. In his free time, he loves to cook, make cocktails (ask for advice at your own risk), and play escape/board games.
React Day Berlin 2022React Day Berlin 2022
112 min
Build Your Own (Simple) React From Scratch!
Have you ever wondered how React works?What would it feel like to create the magical lines that make up the tool we all grew to learn and love?Come along on our journey to implement React from scratch, making a simple React project work with your own my-react.js library.
What's included- Introduction- Rendering our first component- Update cycle and the VDOM- Meet the hooks
Prerequisites- Some knowledge of React.