Javier Alcaide Pérez
Javier Alcaide Pérez
Javier Alcaide is a mathematician and software developer focused on data science and machine learning. His professional career is based on the use of advanced analytics and big data techniques within the financial sector. His current role is the design and construction of AI models and the analysis of data using ETL processing with Big Data technologies.
ML conf EU 2020ML conf EU 2020
7 min
Browser Session Analytics: The Key to Fraud Detection
This talk will show how a fraud detection model has been developed based on the data from the browsing sessions of the different users. Tools such as PySpark and Spark ML have been used in this initiative due to a large amount of data.
The model created was able to identify a grouping of characteristics that covered 10% of the total sessions in which 88% were deemed fraudulent. This allows analysts to spend more of their time on higher-risk cases.