Jason Jean
Jason Jean
Jason is an Architect at Nrwl on the Nx Core Team. He works with Fortune 500 companies across different industries to enable them to develop like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. Along with development, Jason is also an enthusiast of board games and mechanical keyboards.
React Summit Remote Edition 2020React Summit Remote Edition 2020
35 min
Scalable React Development for Large Projects
Scaling React development across multiple teams can be incredibly difficult. Teams need to share core functionality while staying autonomous. Changes need to propagate through many projects while being tested. Nx is an open-source toolkit that allows organizations to scale development more easily than before! Nx makes setting up Cypress, Prettier, Storybook, Next.js, and Gats faster than ever. You can also develop full-stack using Node frameworks like Apollo and Nest.js and share code between frontend and backend. In this talk you’ll learn how large organizations like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are able to successfully scale across multiple teams, business units, and products.